Briefing Day

Good Practice Takes Practice: Certification and Accreditation for Digital Preservation


Digital preservation seems more like a journey than a destination.  As technology changes so the processes and tools of effective preservation need to adapt and so good practice remains provisional: more accurately identified as a commitment to constant improvement than a single steady state.  Never entirely certain what success looks like, the digital preservation community has over the years developed several proxies for success and maturity of service.  The ideal of a Trusted Digital Repository has gained much traction since it was first posited in 1996, and it is now encapsulated and codified as a series of standards.  The resulting requirements and checklists provide a framework for repository improvement; but with many demands and too little transparency they can also become a barrier to practical improvement.  Practitioners and their managers simply want to know how they are doing and how they can do it better.  Good practice takes practice

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