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Research Data Management for All?

Jisc Log bigIntroduction

Research data management has arisen as a key requirement in higher education in the last decade.  This new responsibility for research data has been configured differently in different institutions.  Roles such as ‘Research Manager,’ ‘Records Manager,’ ‘Digital Archivist,’ ‘Special Collections Librarian’ ‘Repository Manager’ have been defined or extended to meet this new need.  It can be hard to see the opportunity for the whole institution when the skills are attached to only one department or service.  These distinct roles each have a concern for the managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for as long as necessary: so irrespective of local definitions each can benefit from the investment in research infrastructure.

And research data management is not just about curators: it’s about creators too.  Good data management, from design through creation to deployment and re-use ensures that records are accurate, complete, authentic and reliable, stored securely, preserved where necessary and accessible as required.  So, it enables institutions, teams and individuals to meet subject-specific expectations about research integrity and funder obligations on access, ethics and transparency.

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