15 March 2017 | 14:00 Online webinar

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E-ARK was an EC-funded pilot project which aimed to improve the methods and technologies of digital archiving, in order to achieve consistency and interoperability on a Europe-wide scale. E-ARK finished in January 2017 and delivered:

  • series of standardised Information Package specifications, sufficiently scalable and open to satisfy the needs of all preservation institutions;
  • interoperable software tools allowing to create, preserve and reuse Information Packages which comply with the specifications;
  • a series of best practices for digital preservation institutions, for example on using big data techniques in long-term repositories and digital preservation maturity assessment.

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview all the aspects of the E-ARK project and insights into follow-up work. The webinar serves also as an introduction to more detailed and technological webinars which will follow later in the programme. 

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