1 February 2017 | 14:00 GMT Online webinar

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Following the most exciting and hotly contested Digital Preservation Awards to date, those people, projects and organisations selected as finalists have been gathered together once more to tell DPC members more about their (in some cases award winning) work!

The webinars will provide a deeper dive into each of these projects, exploring the latest thinking, research, practice and innovation and helping members assess the potential for application within their own organisations. Collectively the series will ensure that DPC members have a comprehensive overview of the digital preservation landscape and the state of the art. 

Essentials 4 Data Support

The Essentials 4 Data Support course contributes to the professionalisation of 'data supporters': people who (want to) support researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data. 'Essentials' refers to the goal of enabling a data supporter to take the first steps towards supporting researchers in Research Data Management, by providing essential data knowledge and skills in digital preservation of research data. All content is available in Dutch and English for self-study (online-only), but in the recommended face-to-face course networking, expert lectures and assignments contribute to an effective learning experience. So far over 170 support staff have been trained.

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