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pdf Directory of Digital Repositories and Services in the UK June 2005

Directory of Digital Repositories and Services in the UK June 2005

pdf Institutional Repositories

Institutional Repositories


Email Preservation: How Hard Can it Be?

Introduction Email, the quintessential record of our age, is surprisingly hard to preserve.  This relatively straightforward task is an encounter with all the open challenges and operational difficulties of practical digital preservation.  Email messages go through so many processes from creation to delivery, and with so many variations of attachment, that they can be technically hard to capture; they contain any amount of personal and sensitive data wrapping them in legal and...

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From Planning to Deployment: Digital Preservation and Organizational Change

Introduction High-performing and tightly integrated organisations can sometimes suffer from inertia, even when processes are well understood and benefits or risks are immediate.  So given that digital preservation processes are sometimes poorly understood and benefits or risks deferred, it’s perhaps not a surprise that making progress in digital preservation can seem hard. Historically the lack of tools was a significant constraint to digital preservation: but as new tools and...

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Halcyon On and On: Emulating to Preserve

Emulation has steadily grown in acceptance as a key tool in ensuring access to digital data. It's strength lies in recreating some of the original context in which digital data was first created and accessed and its ideal for addressing complex interactive content. But it's also seen as a complicated, technical and often confusing approach. So what is emulation? How does it work? How can you put it into practice? And where will this technology take us in the future? The Digital Preservation...

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Losing all hope to find freedom: Fail Club is here to help

Well, with any luck things aren’t so bad that all hope is lost. But freedom, or at least enlightenment, may well be on the horizon! What do you mean it's not supposed to look like that?! (Image courtesy of glennbphoto, The Atlas of Digital Images) Last summer, beneath the lofty cathedral-esque ceiling of York’s Guildhall, a group of troubled digital preservationists held their heads in their hands. ‘If only there was a way we could talk openly about our workflow woes,’ they...

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As realities erode: 3d4ever?

My eroding realities Alternative facts are the cliché du jour but let me pitch a problem that is categorically larger: alternative realities. Not just alternative, but alternative and obsolete realities. I spoke about this at a DPC briefing day at the end of 2016 – which already seems a life time ago. It was a surprisingly hard programme to assemble because there is precious little evidence that those involved in producing 3d data sets for the cultural heritage sector have any capacity – and...

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3D4ever: building three dimensional models to last

A joint Digital Preservation Coalition and Wellcome Library Conference 3D scanning and printing have been the next big things for a long time. The value and utility of 3D scanning is going up as the cost and barriers to production are dropping.This conference will encourage cultural heritage professionals to understand and undertake 3D scanning and its challenges. Opportunities for creation, use, and re-use of 3D data will be explored and case studies of good practice presented. The day will...

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Preserving Transactional Data

Speakers' Presentations Sara Day Thomson, DPC - Key Note: ‘Preserving Transactional Data: a Technology Watch report’ Aidan Condron, UKDA - Case Study: 'Energy Demand Research Project: Smart Reader Trials 2007-2010' Sarah Sheppard, UCL - Case Study: 'The Consumer Data Research Centre and its Data Service' William Kilbride, DPC - 'Broad Strokes and Emerging Trends: a reflection on preservation approaches and big data' Stefan Schweers, GESIS - Case Study: 'Conceptualising a Spatial...

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Standing on the Digits of Giants - resarch data, preservation and innovation

The DPC is pleased to announce an upcoming seminar produced in collaboration with the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. “Standing on the Digits of Giants” is a seminar that will examine emerging trends in scholarly communication from the perspective of the publication and long-term access to the scholarly record. This includes outputs not traditionally included within the primary scientific canon such as metadata, software and research data. This is a full day event...

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Practical Preservation and People: a briefing about metadata

Presentations Preservation and People: understanding designated communities (Christian Keitel) What metadata does the Digital Repository of Ireland want, and how much do they actually get? (Kathryn Cassidy) How much metadata can archivists really expect (Alex Green) What metadata do users want and need, and how much can we get out of them (Katie Green) Designated communities, OAIS and assessment (Herve L’hours) Emerging Nuances of Digital Preservation Metadata (Angela...

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Preserving Social Media

Presentations Preserving Social Media: Big Data Network by Nathan Cunningham, UKDS Preserving Social Media: Technology Watch Report Overview by Sara Day Thomson, DPC Social Media as Research Data by Katrin Weller, GESIS Applying the Principles of the UK Government Web Archive to Social Media by Tom Storrar, TNA A Joint Workshop with the Digital Preservation Coalition and the UK Data Service Free for DPC members and UK Data Service affiliates. The DPC and UK Data Service invite...

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Preserving Documents Forever: When is a PDF not a PDF?

Presentations An introduction to PDF, Sarah Higgins, Aberystwyth University Understanding PDF risks in preservation, Johan van der Knijff, National Library of the Netherlands PDF: Myths vs facts, Ange Albertini, Corkami Preserving PDF at the coalface, Tim Evans, Archaeology Data Service Introducing veraPDF, Carl Wilson, Open Preservation Foundation The Digital Preservation Coalition and the Open Preservation Foundation, with support from the European Commission and the...

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Is a Data Warehouse a Data Archive and Why Does It Matter?

The E-ARK Project, the Digital Preservation Coalition and the UK Data Archive are delighted to invite you to a workshop on the preservation of relational databases. Introduction Relational database management systems are one of the essential building blocks of information technology. Ubiquitous but often obscured behind layers of scripting, processing, forms and queries, they are arguably the most important invention of the Twentieth Century. It’s hard to think of a software application...

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Current Trends and Future Directions for Digital Imaging in Libraries and Archives

Introduction Issues of validation, compression and preservation become more important in image management as collections grow in size and complexity. On one hand compression is seen as a necessary requirement to deal with the scale of the collection on order to make preservation a practical reality, but preservation advice generally discourages compression which is seen as a preservation risk. Validation is essential for quality assurance in the development of large collections and is a...

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Virtualisation and Preservation: How cloud computing changes how we think about digital preservation

*Apologies for the poor sound quality in this recording - we are working on a new AV setup that will improve this for future sessions* Cloud-based approaches to storage and computing are having a profound impact on how individuals and agencies interact with computing resources. Desktop software and hard disk storage which tie users to a particular location and a fixed platform are rapidly being replaced by online services in which everything is available everywhere: computing power and data...

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Preserving eBooks

 The production, distribution and consumption of books have been transformed in the last decade: the technologies that support the book trade have been revolutionised; new entrants into the market suddenly enjoy a dominant position; readers’ expectations of how and what they consume have altered; and the boundaries between books and other types of media are no longer clear. New formats, new expectations about ownership and rapid changes in the underlying economics of the industry each...

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Procuring Preservation: Writing and understanding requirements in digital preservation

Introduction The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to invite members to a briefing day that will explore themes related to procuring and implementing digital preservation solutions, especially where that involves establishing and describing requirements for developers, programmers and vendors. Digital preservation typically involves a wide range of skills and it’s unusual to find all the necessary skills in one person. Even larger organisations find it necessary to employ...

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Fund it, Solve it, Keep it

This event will help to make your digital preservation more effective by demonstrating the best community focused approaches and results from the JISC funded SPRUCE Project. You'll be hearing from the SPRUCE Team experts and from the practitioners and developers who have been tackling digital preservation challenges in targeted SPRUCE Award projects. We'll also be hearing from you, so we can take on board what you need from our future work. if you're taking your first steps in preserving...

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Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access for e-Journals

Agenda Introduce the DPC’s latest DPC Technology Watch Report on Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access to E-Journals Bring together significant leaders in the field to explore current and emerging trends in e-journal services Explore perceptions and procurement of preservation services for e-journal content Present lessons learned, problems solved, and experiences to pass on from the e-Journal community to the wider digital preservation community Who should come? This...

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Preserving Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Introduction Computer-aided design tools are widely used to assist engineers, architects, designers and cartographers to develop, represent, capture and transmit large and complex representations of the world – real and imagined. Diverse in application, a great deal of vital, valuable and irreplaceable information is stored in CAD models, from the designs of aircraft carriers and skyscrapers to records of archaeological excavations. It also means that CAD is an area of constant innovation...

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Trust and Digital Preservation

An APARSEN Training Event Organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland and sponsored by the European Commission This two-day training event, organised by the DPC in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland on behalf of the APARSEN Project, will focus on the topic of ‘Trust’ in relation to the preservation of digital objects. Long established as a key issue for those engaged in digital preservation, it will examine how we...

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