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Collaboration is essential for Digital Preservation

Thomas Ledoux is Co-ordinator of Digital Production at the National Library of France Digital preservation, seen from the outside, may appear as a very technical topic where you only talk about formats, storage, infrastructure and the like. Indeed, in order to appraise, audit or ingest digital material, a certain degree of technical expertise is needed. But when you follow these steps, it becomes clear that the first requirement is collaborating and building up communities, because what...

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Towards a Philosophy of Digital Preservation

Stacey Erdman is Digital Archivist at Beloit College, Wisconsin USA Are archivists born or made? I suppose we’ll never know the answer to that question definitively, but I feel pretty confident that if there’s an archivist “gene” I’ve surely got it. I’ve been actively building a personal archive since I was old enough to understand what memories are. Of course, coming of age during the rise of the personal computer presented me with challenges in this arena. I still own my first...

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We need to talk about copyright

{jcomments on} Susan Reilly is Director of Digital Library, Licencing & Copyright at Qatar National Library, Doha With a European Parliament vote on copyright reform looming it’s worth taking a look at the relationship between digital preservation and copyright  law and why we need copyright reform at international level to help ensure the preservation of the digital cultural and scientific record. You don’t need to be a lawyer to figure out that one of the biggest challenges...

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Long Now: Longer After

I’ve been thinking about interoperability a bit recently and wondered if it might help us frame a wider discussion on how digital preservation might integrate with the wider technology landscape. My basic thesis is that digital preservation remains a niche topic and this is bad news. For all the reasons we’ve discussed before, it’s hard to get chief technology officers, let alone finance directors to invest for the sake of the long term , but if we can build digital preservation capability for...

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Obsolescence 2.0 Digital Preservation by people, for people

On Sale at All Good Pharmacies: Eternal Life There’s a paradox that links digital preservation with medicine. Digital preservation systems are subject to the same obsolescence that they exist to guard against: and even great doctors catch colds. I believe my doctor is mortal but that doesn’t mean I reject her advice. Her advice is not intrinsically dependent on her own experience but is situated within a global, dynamic community of research and practice. The medical profession deals with the...

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What the world needs now

{jcomments on} Inaugurations By coincidence I find myself working from home on the day a new US president is inaugurated. The coincidence: the last time an American president took office I was also working from home. Speeches and punditry burble through the kitchen radio as I hammer out a few more lines of something at the dining table. Same radio, same pundits, same table, very different presidents.   A different William too I suppose, mostly the effect of acquiring two children...

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