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Member Training Needs Survey - Deadline Extended to 18th May

*Survey deadline extended, now open until 18th May* As part of our ongoing commitment to reviewing and improving our outputs, the DPC is asking members to complete a short survey on their training needs. The survey takes no more than 5-10 minutes to complete and will be open until Friday 11th May. We would like to collect as many individual responses as possible, so please do circulate information on the survey to any colleagues who may have an interest in digital preservation training. A...

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Web preservation demands access

Daniel Gomes is Service Manager for the Foundation for Science and Technology in Portugal. "Collect the web to preserve it?! I don't envy that job." That is a direct quote from my first "real-world" meeting. I was 23 years old, I had just graduated from the University and that was my first job. We were in the year 2000. One year later, we had developed a running prototype to perform selective collection of online publications. It was the first effort to preserve the...

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Inform and Form – The Role of Education in Digital Preservation

Millard Schisler is Researcher at Digital Culture Center / CEBRAP in São Paulo, Brazil It is wonderful to celebrate International Digital Preservation Day and recognize how much has been accomplished during the past decades, while also realizing how much we still need to work on, evidenced by the people, businesses and institutions struggling with how to deal with their ever-growing digital assets. As I think about our role in transforming this landscape, I go back to the...

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Educating Digital Stewards

Rhiannon Bettivia is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the School of Information Sciences (iSchool) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign I frame this post as a set of considerations for developing training and teaching modules for students and trainees endeavouring to enter the field of digital preservation. I teach such a module 2-3 times a year, and my university offers it 4 times a year with the help of adjunct instructors. It is often full to waitlist room only, meaning we...

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DPC Training Resources

The DPC runs a variety of in-person training events for its members, including the yearly 'Getting Started...' and 'Making Progress with Digital Preservation Series. This page provides access to the training resources for courses offered by the DPC. Visit the DPC Events page to find and register for upcoming courses Getting Started with Digital Preservation 'Getting Started with Digital Preservation' introduces delegates to common digitial preservation concepts and issues before walking...

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What the world needs now

{jcomments on} Inaugurations By coincidence I find myself working from home on the day a new US president is inaugurated. The coincidence: the last time an American president took office I was also working from home. Speeches and punditry burble through the kitchen radio as I hammer out a few more lines of something at the dining table. Same radio, same pundits, same table, very different presidents.   A different William too I suppose, mostly the effect of acquiring two children...

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Preservation of e-Learning Materials and Cost Models for Digital Preservation

Presentations This was the fourth forum held by the Digital Preservation Coalition. The Forums aim to share experience from leading projects with DPC members organisations and to address topical issues in digital preservation. With the growth of distance learning and an increasing effort to digitise collections and package them for use in education in school, colleges, and universities, developing digital respositories and standards for managing learning objects are growing issues. The first...

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