Our Work

  • Ongoing Projects

    Research and development projects including E-ARK and veraPDF

  • Dedicated Support for Members

    Full members of the DPC are entitled to up to 5 days per year of dedicated support

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  • Join Us

    Become a member of the DPC and gain priority access to a whole host of information to help you and your organisation in your digital preservation work. 

  • Leadership Programme

    Discover grants and scholarships to help develop your skills and experience in digital preservation

  • Working Groups and Task Forces

    Opportunities to work in partnership with the DPC and its members

  • Digitally Endangered Species

    Find out which digital collections, types and file formats our digital preservation community thinks are most at risk, as well as those considered relatively
    safe thanks to digital preservation. 

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  • Advocacy

    Discover how we can advocate for digital preservation within your organisation and internationally

  • Collaboration

    Discover ways of collaborating with the Coalition such as Projects, Partnerships and Working Groups

  • Concerned with providing long-term access to digital objects, preserving continuity as well as functionality for future research,
  • Adding value to the organisation’s unique data assets over time,
  • Ensuring open data in our custody remains accessible and usable for the society,
  • Using appropriate standards to make digital data more robust and resilient,
  • Providing staff and users with sufficient digital preservation specific skills for their part of data management process,
  • Planning and strategizing to sustain access to digital research data for the short, medium and long term,
  • Careful and informed appraisal and selection,
  • Processing digital materials for long term preservation,
  • Ongoing checking, administration and management,
  • Keeping up with changes in the shifting technological landscape and user needs through training and development,
  • Liaison with data creators, data users, solution providers, IT departments, records managers, marketing teams, policy makers and more.

Digital preservation is more than:

  • Digitization, Backing up, Storage.

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