New Class of Membership for Consultants, Graduates and Sole Traders

Added on 18 May 2010

The DPC is making some changes to membership to make it easier for consultants, sole traders and recent graduates to participate in our work.  A new class of personal membership is being trialled so that individuals without an organisational affiliation apply for grants, attend specialist events, obtain priority access to publications and collaborate on work streams which have previously been restricted to institutional members. 

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Second Digital Preservation Case Note Released

Added on 17 May 2010

The Digital Preservation Coalition, with ULCC and Portico, with the support of the National Archives and sponsorship from JISC is pleased to announce the release of the second in our series of Digital Preservation Case Notes.

In this case note we examine the relationship between policy and practice in digital preservation.  The National Archives has digitised a significant volume of the UK's Cabinet Papers, using techniques and practices that they have developed over many years.  It has considerable expertise in digital preservation. However the measure of their commitment to long term preservation is not so much their undoubted expertise so much as their carefully considered policy framework for the long term management of digital resources. Funders often ask to see policy documents in assessing grant applications: for digitisation grants, or other grants likely to create prolific amounts of new and valuable digital content, it is reasonable to assess their digital preservation policies.

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DPC Launches Prospectus for 2010-2011

Added on 11 May 2010

The DPC has today released a prospectus for activities from August 2010 to July 2011. It describes the benefits of membership and introduces a new class of membership for personal members.

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Scottish Arts Council joins the Digital Preservation Coalition

Added on 30 April 2010

The Scottish Arts Council has taken a significant step to securing a lasting legacy from Scotland's digital creativity by joining the Digital Preservation Coalition. In doing so it joins a growing number of strategic bodies and memory institutions taking steps to ensure that digital objects can be accessible to future generation.

'The Scottish Arts Council takes digital preservation seriously', explained Kate Wallace, Senior Research Officer, Scottish Arts Council. 'Preserving a digital legacy for future generations of artists, organisations and the public gives greater access and can inspire learning.'

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First Digital Preservation Case Notes Released

Added on 30 April 2010

The DPC, with help from the Scott Polar Research Institute, Portico and ULCC, and with funding from JISC, is pleased to announce the launch of the first in a series of Digital Preservation Case Notes.  The Case Notes offer straightforward examples of organisations and individuals tackling the digital preservation challenges that come from mass digitization.  The first describes the Scott Polar Research Institute's 'Freeze Frame' project.  It makes the point that short lived projects need to do some long term thinking to ensure that the benefits of digitization are robust and it describes how a short term project negotiated its way round this long term problem.

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New Digital Preservation Frequently Asked Question section on the DPC website

Added on 20 April 2010

The DPC has opened a new 'Frequently Asked Questions' section of its website where members can post and answer questions on the topic of digital preservation.  Discussion around these Frequently Asked Questions have previously tended to happen on the DPC's closed discussion lists.  Putting on the website allows a wider group of people to see them and to refer back to them more easily. The new facility allows users to comment directly on the questions without having to use email.

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DPC Response to IPO review of exceptions to copyright

Added on 31 March 2010

The DPC has published its response to the recent Intellectual Property Office consultation on exceptions to copyright law with a detailed discussion of how these proposals impact on digital preservation. 

In summary, the DPC warmly welcomes the proposal to permit multiple copies to be created for preservation purposes. It notes and welcomes the proposal to broaden the types of content that can qualify for this exception and welcomes the proposal that extends this exception to a wider range of institutions.

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2010 Digital Preservation Award opens for expressions of interest

Added on 24 March 2010

The DPC and ICON are delighted to announce the programme for the Digital Preservation Award 2010, a Conservation Award sponsored and administered by the DPC.  Preliminary details are being announced today for a competition that will open in earnest in May. 

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Deadline is approaching for scholarships to DPTP

Added on 5 March 2010

The DPC Leadership Programme is offering scholarship to attend the Digital Preservation Training Programme in London at the end of March. 

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DPC launches new Web Archiving and Preservation Task Force

Added on 4 March 2010

At its meeting today, the DPC Board approved the creation of a new Web Archiving and Preservation Task Force.

The DPC Web Archiving and Preservation Task Force will allow members to share best practice to support their local priorities. It will identify, examine and review current policy in web archiving and preservation. It will provide a mutually supportive environment for continued policy development for members and a mechanism through which non-members can engage with web archiving policy.  In this way the Task Force will help to ensure that our generation can carve an appropriate legacy from the complexity and volatility of the web.

Click here for more details including Terms of Reference, the roadmap for 2010-11 and membership.

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