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    Explore our easily digested guides to the key issues facing the digital preservation community

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    Explore our authoritative and practical guide to the successful management of digital resources over time

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    Discover software tools for digital preservation and guidance on how to implement them

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    Browse the Knowledge Base by a cross section of legal, organisational and technical issues such as File Formats, Procurement or IPR

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    Browse the Knowledge Base by stages and processes from the preservation lifecycle such as Planning, Ingest or Audit and Certification

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    Read our short guide on getting help and advice with your digital preservation challenges

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    Resources to help you build a case for digital preservation within your organisation

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  • Curation Costs Exchange

    The Curation Costs Exchange (CCEx) is a community owned platform which helps organisations of any kind assess the costs of curation practices through comparison and analysis. The CCEx aims to provide real  information about costs to help make more informed investments in digital curation.

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  • File Formats

    Discover resources on preservation issues related to file formats

  • Advocacy

    Discover how we can advocate for digital preservation within your organisation and internationally

  • Completed Projects

    Completed research and development projects that have addressed gaps in digital preservation capability and provision

  • Topical Notes Series

    A series of topical notes addressing digital preservation issues for a non-specialist audience.


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