DPC and Workforce Development: New Video Released

Added on 9 July 2012

DPC has today released the first in a series of short videos where we follow up with recipients of grants from our Leadership Programme. Six short videos will be released over the next 6 weeks.  The first short video introduces the programme and asks candidates to summarise how grants from the DPC have impacted on their own career development.

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Technology Watch Report on Web Archving - Outline finalized

Added on 19 June 2012

The schedule and outline for a new DPC Technology Watch Report on Web Archiving is now available for consultation by members.  The full report is due for publication at the start of 2013. To see the outline, you first need to login or register, then download the outline.

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Draft Outline for Comment: Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition)

Added on 14 June 2012

DPC is in the process of commissioning a second edition to its popular Technology Watch Report on the topic of 'Preservation Metdata' by Richard Gartner and Brian Lavoie.  This popular report was first published in 2005 and although it continues to be widely cited, the field has changed considerably since then.  The second edition of the report is due for completion in late 2012 and as with all reports will be subject to peer review. 

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Digital Preservation Awards 2012 - Call for Nominations

Added on 12 June 2012

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to announce the launch of the Digital Preservation Awards 2012.

‘Threats to the digital estate are distinctive and new so the tools and processes necessary to ensure long term access – and impact – are also new’, explained William Kilbride of the DPC. ‘The DPC was established in 2002 to help agencies meet this new and growing challenge, and in 2004 we sponsored a small prize to mark outstanding contributions to the field.  It was so popular that we’ve offered the prize every other year since, and each time the quality and number of nominations has grown.

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SPRUCE Digital Preservation 'Mashup', London 18-20th September

Added on 8 June 2012

The JISC funded SPRUCE Project cordially invites you to the second SPRUCE Digital Preservation Mashup, central London, 18-20 September 2012. 

SPRUCE is organising a series of free events around the UK that will provide support and technical expertise to address the real digital preservation challenges that institutions face. The best work from event attendees will be awarded funding to develop the activity and embed it within business as usual processes. £60k is available for these awards.

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Draft Outline for Comment: Preserving Computer-Aided Design

Added on 25 May 2012

DPC is in the process of commissioning a new Technology Watch Report on the topic of 'Preserving Computer-Aided Design' from Alex Ball of the DCC at UKOLN.  The report is due for completion in late 2012 and as with all reports will be subject to peer review.  The Technology Watch Report Series is designed to meet the needs of members so, at this early stage, we are inviting comments from members on a draft outline of the report.  Comments, on any aspect of the report are welcome by 6th June if possible.  The draft outline is available for members who need to Login or Register first, then access the draft outline.

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Notes and Presentations from 'Digital Preservaton and Digital Resilience' briefing now available

Added on 24 May 2012

Presentaion slides and notes from the DPC Briefing Day on 'Digital Resilience and Preservation' are now available online:

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DPTP Scholarships May 2012

Added on 15 May 2012

DPC has awarded three scholarships to attend the Digital Preservation Training Programme in May 2012:

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3 new Technology Watch Reports planned - Web Archiving, Preservation Metadata and Preserving CAD

Added on 14 May 2012

The Digital Preservation Coalition and Charles Beagrie Limited are delighted to announce the continuation of their collaboration, producing 3 more Technology Watch Reports.

 ‘5 Technology Watch Reports have already been produced – or are in production – and have been enthusiastically received by our members’, said William Kilbride of the DPC.  The next three will ensure that the production process continues through 2013 with themes and topics proposed and refined by DPC members to help them with digital preservation.’

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University of Manchester Library joins the DPC

Added on 11 May 2012

The Digital Preservation Coalition is delighted to welcome the University of Manchester Library as its newest member.

'The University of Manchester Library has a strong interest in digital preservation at both a strategic and operational level,' explained Sandra Bracegirdle. 'We have recently carried out a significant review of our digital preservation work as we see this as a key issue for the Library. '

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